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Early Literacy Syllabication Resources

Both word recognition and language comprehension skills are required to build a strong foundation in reading. But word recognition, in particular, is an area where teacher-educators cite future teachers needing more support to build their content knowledge and instructional skills so that they are well-equipped to reach and engage every learner.

These syllabication materials from our Early Literacy Network support word recognition. These teacher-educator assignments, one-pagers, and videos provide tips and best practices to support early readers to decode longer words. In particular, syllabication is an important skill students need to cross the bridge from learning to read to reading to learn, and to engage successfully with complex texts.

Note: these resources are designed as companions to seven practice-based instructional modules we’ve created for and with ed-prep programs. To access our modules and any additional support, please contact

Syllable types and why they matter 1 of 4 dfi

Syllabication, 1 of 4: Syllable Types and Why They Matter

Syllabication 2 rule

Syllabication, 2 of 4: Syllable Division Patterns and How They Help: VC.CV Rule

syllabication one-pager preview

Syllabication, 3 of 4: Syllable Division Patterns and How They Help: V.CV & VC.V Rules

syllabication one-pager preview

Syllabication, 4 of 4: Syllable Division Patterns and How They Help: Cle (Final Stable Syllable)

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