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Our Vision for a Well-Prepared Teacher

We believe that students deserve teachers who honor and nurture their limitless potential, brilliance, and full humanity.

At DFI, we work towards a future when every child is taught by well-prepared teachers who:

  • Honor and nurture the limitless potential, brilliance, and full humanity of each child
  • Use knowledge of content and how the mind works to engage students in rigorous, affirming experiences that result in learning for every student
  • Foster a physically and emotionally safe and inclusive community of learners
  • Build meaningful relationships with students and families and leverage the assets of the community where they work
  • Embrace the deep complexity of teaching, pursue their own continuous learning, and hold a commitment to countering pervasive historical inequities through their instructional decisions

Our work with teacher-educators, educator-preparation leaders, and policymakers is rooted in this vision. We help bridge theory and practice across several key areas:


The Science of Learning

The science of learning provides teachers and teacher-educators with an evidence-based understanding of how students learn. Knowledge and application of science of learning principles enable teachers to make more equitable instructional choices that engage every student in rigorous, affirming, and inclusive experiences.

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High-Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM)

These materials are intentionally designed to increase access to grade-level rigor for all students. This is particularly important for students of color, who are often given less access to rigorous content, according to research. Learning to identify and use HQIM empowers teachers to engage in the deeply complex and intellectual work of teaching, while also equipping them with the tools to counter implicit biases. Use of HQIM can also lighten the planning load for novice teachers so that they can focus on building relationships with students and families and adapting instruction to meet the needs of every student, rather than designing lesson plans from scratch.

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Equitable Early Literacy Instruction (PK-6)

Evidence-based early literacy instruction supports every child to become a proficient reader and learner. Our work with educators ensures that every child receives asset-based support to develop and master reading abilities.

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