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For Policymakers and Advocates

We partner with policymakers and advocates to make pathways into teaching accessible, practice-based, and focused on instruction.

For Policymakers and Advocates

We champion policies to attract, prepare and support a diverse educator workforce. This includes expanding pathways into teaching that are accessible, practice-based, and focused on instructional decision-making grounded in science.

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Some of the policies we champion include: 

  • Standards and training for future teachers grounded in an evidence-based understanding of how students learn, especially in literacy and mathematics instruction
  • Access and training for future teachers on high-quality instructional materials (HQIM)
  • Paid practice opportunities that are offered early in the trajectory of teacher-candidate learning experiences, focused on instruction, supported by expert mentors, and based in PK-12 schools with the greatest needs
  • Scholarships and loan forgiveness programs for aspiring teachers, especially aspiring teachers of color
  • Admissions and exit requirements that seek to increase the diversity and quality of the teaching workforce
  • Approval and renewal standards that support the continuous improvement of programs, especially the ability of programs and leaders to build the instructional skills of aspiring teachers

We deeply believe that practice must inform policy

To date, we’ve worked with leaders of over 150+ educator-preparation programs across 45 states to support work on the ground and translate lessons and learning to policy. These leaders are at the forefront of efforts to improve the quality of their programs and reduce barriers that have stood in the way of aspiring teachers – particularly aspiring teachers of color – completing practice-based programs.

We engage with state and federal policymakers to translate practice into policy in the following ways:

Convening and Coalition-Building

We convene and mobilize leaders, researchers, and practitioners to advocate for policy conditions that enable accessible, practice-based, and instructionally-focused pathways. We also lead and participate in national coalitions to accelerate student learning and strengthen teacher pipelines, including the National Partnership for Student Success, Learn from History Coalition, and Pathways Alliance, the latter of which we co-founded.

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Group of participants in Aspiring Teachers as Tutors Network

Strategic Advising

We offer strategic advising to state education agencies, task forces, and other government bodies by leveraging the most current research, staff expertise, and insights from our national network of ed prep leaders and practitioners. We support states to address their most pressing challenges with an eye towards creating equitable and inclusive policy systems that foster equitable and inclusive classrooms for all students.

Learn more: Louisiana Teacher Recruitment, Retention, and Recovery Taskforce

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Issue Advocacy and Communications

We elevate the voices of ed prep leaders and practitioners engaged in the hard work of ensuring that every child has well-prepared teachers. Our advocacy is grounded in a significant body of research, including how policy impacts the ability of leaders and programs to deliver strong outcomes for students. We engage field experts, researchers, influencers, and mission-aligned partners to lift up notable efforts to make pathways into teaching more accessible, practice-based, and focused on instruction.

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