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Our impact in 2023

Valerie Sakimura

Valerie Sakimura

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What does it mean to be an educator? This year, that question has been pushed to the fore as AI has rapidly spread within classrooms and important efforts to reimagine how adults are deployed within schools have sparked new conversations.

While the role of educators is undoubtedly evolving, what will remain true is the deeply human nature of teaching and learning. Teachers must foster spaces of belonging and connection that support every student. And they must have a nuanced understanding of the complexities of the human mind to guide informed instructional choices - whether with AI, a smartboard, or paper and pencil.

This is the undercurrent of our work at DFI. As communities grapple with technological advancements and reinvent ways of working, we support them to prepare teachers who can anchor their success in the timeless ability to honor and nurture the limitless potential, brilliance, and full humanity of each child. We ensure that teachers, and those that prepare them, root every critical instructional decision in scientifically-informed, equitable practices that consistently produce evidence of the meaningful impact we want to be true for all students.

As we reflect on the year, we are deeply grateful for the partners working alongside us to advance our mission. Read on to learn how our impact in 2023 is scaling progress for students in communities across the country.

In partnership,

Valerie Sakimura
Executive Director, Deans for Impact

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