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Second annual Inquiry Institute puts data, improvement in the spotlight

Tracey Weinstein

Tracey Weinstein

Category: Data

In 2017, Deans for Impact partnered with 14 educator-preparation programs in 12 states to build  the Common Indicators System (CIS) Network, a first-of-its-kind shared data system designed for improving the preparation of beginning teachers . 

This week, the Network marks its two-year anniversary, as Deans for Impact brings together participating  institutions for the second annual Inquiry Institute. The Institute is a chance for programs to review and analyze the past school year’s data, collaborate with other programs, and craft improvement strategies. Because shared ownership is a crucial part of any new strategy, participants will also leave with a plan for how they will engage their colleagues back home in looking at CIS data to inform improvement efforts.

At the Inquiry Institute, programs will explore data on the readiness of over 4,400 aspiring teachers — up from 3,500 last year — and examine trends over time. We will also be hosting prospective network members, as the CIS Network continues to grow. In this way, the CIS Network — already one of the largest cross-institutional networked improvement efforts ever undertaken in educator preparation — becomes a flywheel, its growth fueled by its own momentum and output. 

The tools and resources, including DFI staff and CIS Network members, will enable our institution to engage in discussions about data and program improvement that have the potential to be long-lasting and far-reaching.” — Dr. Melanie Hogendorp, California Lutheran University

We are proud of the work our programs have done to improve the readiness of beginning teachers and we are eager to continue to expand the CIS Network. To read our year one findings, check out Learning Together Through Evidence. For more information on the CIS Network, click here. And to hear more about Inquiry Institute and our other events, follow us on Twitter.